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FEMINITY H-Skin Program

As a result of cross-research on hormone-based cosmetics and cell biology, FEMINITY is the very latest high performance challenge of the ERICSON LABORATOIRE Methodology. 
This treatment preserves youthfulness and femininity due to 2 preventive actions which aim to make up for the dysfunction of 2 key life source mechanisms:
Regaining skin hormonal balance, 
Protecting parent cells by the activation of 2 proteins that are vital to their survival.

PHYTO-AGE is a plant extract used in Chinese medicine for treating problems associated with hormonal imbalances. PHYTO-AGE has a repairing action within the skin cells.
REVIVISCENCE is a plant complex with an immediate as well as a long term hydrating effect over 24 hours.
SURVICODE, an active ingredient resulting from biotechnology, has the power to protect skin cells. Skin aging is thus delayed.

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