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PERFECTION: Melano control

Ethnic, hormonal or age-related, spots are a major issue in the beauty world. The difficulty in terms of depigmentation is first of all to ensure customer satisfaction: visible and immediate efficiency.

There are two main problems related to depigmentation and spots: pigment spots and skin color.

A double treatment was developed with two major actions: local depigmentation and general lightening.

Intensive action of encapsulated ferulic acid: reducing agent known for its effectiveness allows a significant increase in the speed of pigment spots treatment.

Deep action of 9-octadecenedioic acid purified by metathesis: This agent provides the basis for a complete range allowing ethnic skin to quickly achieve a clearer, more even complexion. By regulating and controlling the course of melanin in the skin, this agent acts as a complexion mediator.

Solar filters:The presence of sunscreens in the day creams in this line of care products protects the skin against UV rays while naturally inhibiting the pigmentation process.




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