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NEA SPA is a professional cosmetic brand  for face and body, created by laboratories Farmen, Italy. The composition of the products is over 90% natural and basically they used an innovative biotechnology component PhytoCellTec ™, which allows women to preserve youth and beauty of their skin.

PhytoCellTec ™ is a stem cell concentrate produced by Uttwiler Spatlauber (Malus Domestica). This unique apple variety is very resistant and fruits can be stored fresh and juicy fpr a long time. Stem cells are extracted from the callus - the places where the stem is injured and focus all regenerative capacity of the plant. Stem cells are those that produce all other cells and from their number and position depend vitality and health of the whole organism. In Vitro Studies show a high degree of compatibility between human skin cells and stem cells of Malus Domestica and apple extract has been successfully used in the creation of cosmetics for face and body with a continuous rejuvenating effect.

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