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Lallabee Lallabee

Lallabee nail colour is designed especially for children, it is a completely safe non-toxic nail polish that simply washes off with soap and water or baby wipes, whilst still looking and feeling exactly like any designer nail brand.

It does not contain volatile solvents that can easily be inhaled, there are no toluene, phthalates, bisphenol, dibutylphtalate and there are no paraben preservatives or nano molecules, all notoriously strong chemicals that are typically found in most nail colour and to be avoided where ever possible, but especially with the 3 -11 year old age group.

With only food colourings and a fruity raspberry fragrance Lallabee nail polish does not require the usual acetone to remove it.

Children love to have their nails and toes polished, but they also love to change colours and remove it often.

Lallabee provides hours of endless play with safe non-toxic nail polish and even safe non-toxic pretty nail stickers and body transfers add to the fun.

Lallabee nail polish is easily washed from clothing and indelible nail polish on furniture is now history, as is the school morning panic of removing weekend party polish, now even just every parent’s staple baby wipe, used as a remover on the journey will do the job.

Skin transfers are applied by rubbing a wet sponge or cotton pad over the back of the image and last up to 2-3 days.


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The Lallabee Little Treasures Gift Set was designed to introduce a selection of products to play with and includes five exciting colours of polish, a top coat and a pack of nail art stickers and body transfers. It’s a gorgeous gift that is guaranteed to please and provide hours of safe, creative fun.


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 Lallabee Lip Gloss

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