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SUPREME DHE.AGE: Regenerative treatment for mature skin

With age, the female skin is changing, it becomes thinner and its structure - disorganized: bad communication between the cells, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging. In aesthetic medicine there are various methods of skin rejuvenation - light (laser resurfacing), mechanical (dermabrasion), chemical (acid, retinoic peels). These methods are effective, however they are aggressive, and are not suitable for any type of skin. To achieve similar results in a natural and safe way the Research Department of Ericson Laboratoire  developes new biological and biotechnologivcal  techniques to combat skinageing.

Diosgenine is a plant-derrived equivalent of DHEA-the hormone of youth. It has hormone-like action and combats skinageing efectively and safely.

LOX-AGE is a biothechnological molecule similar to retinol but without its negative effects on thin and/or sensiive skin.

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