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CELLULIT' VIB: Treatment for fibrose cellulite

ERICSON LABORATOIRE did create CELLULIT’ VIB, a high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite. CELLULIT’ VIB is the SHOCK TREATMENT with “ULTRASOUND-LIKE” EFFECT from our Laboratories.
It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite.
This performance is obtained through the action of a “triggering” phyto-complex capable of smoothing away unsightly bulges.

Phytosonic is based on new anti-cellulite technology.
Delipidol is a unique patented molecule, obtained through Biotechnology. It is a combination of punicic acid: omega 5, obtained from grape seed oil, grenadine and tyrosol, extract of olive oil.
Lipocare is a combination of active substances (Bupleurum Chinensis, Caffeine, Coenzyme A). The synergy of those three ingredients helps to smooth away fatty deposits and reshape the figure.
Legactif is a combination of 3 plant extracts: Solidago (or Golden rod), Lemon and Ruscus. Through it high concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols, it promotes decongestive, protective, anti-free radical effects.



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