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DR Renaud DR Renaud

Nature belongs to everyone, but some work it much better than others.

Dermatologist doctor, Dr Renaud devoted his whole life to his passion: nature’s riches and women’s beauty – the most precious of all in his eyes. Не is one of those who knew how to extract from the nature what was necessary and to work it with the dual objective of compatibility and effectiveness. This is not untamed nature, but a strong, powerful, concentrated nature, which is worked on sequence after sequence to increase its effects.

For 70 years, true to the work of the Dermatologist, Dr Renaud laboratories have been pioneers in transforming the most effective and most sensory natural ingredients, in order to adapt them to the various needs of the skin.

This pioneer brand in natural cosmetics, attentive to women and their skincare needs, has created over the decades cult products, organized in easy to understand and to use ranges.

+ Natural skincare products that are so generous and accessible.
+ Natural salon skincare treatments that send you home with a smile on your face.
+ Natural skincare products to enjoy freely every day.

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INTENSIVE BOTANICAL PRESCRIPTIONS: Rejuvenation+specific facecare (15)

БОТАНИЧЕСКИ РЕЦЕПТИ на Dr Renaud е нова серия специални продукти, следваща плътно философията на д-р Louis Renaud. Формулите са чисти (без парабени, силикони, феноксиетанол, минерални масла, полиетилен гликол), с натурален състав от 89% до 96% и комбинират високотехнологични ботанически и козмецевтични съставки. Продуктите са формулирани за кожи, които се нуждаят от ефективни формули, въздействащи на сетивата. Съставките са много внимателно подбрани, с насочено към стареенето на кожата действие, както и към нейните специфични нужди.

ROSE: Global rejuvenation 50+ (11)

Global rejuvenation with Rose

Queen of flowers not only gives the name of this facial treatment, but also effectively present in products with the scent of organic rose water and valuable qualities of a complex of three different phyto-molecules obtained from three different plants from the rose family. The new rejuvenating rose complex effects on all layers of the skin -  protective layer, epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction, dermis, hypodermis, and on all signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, sagging ...). Rose Therapy is designed for:
• mature/ dry skin prematurely aging under the influence of harmful external factors;
• devitalized skin that needs regeneration and plumping;
• skin suffering from the effects of hormonal changes associated with age.

MIMOSE: Smoothing and energizing (9)

MIMOSE: Smoothing and energizing

RASPBERRY: Hydrating cares (9)

Raspberry Hydrating Cares

Delicious and refreshing, the raspberry is known for its softening and moisturising properties. Rich in water, it also contains glucids, minerals (Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium), fruit acids and tannins. A product range that intensely quenches, smoothes the skin and provides a sensation of absolute freshness.

+ Organic Raspberry Extract Softening and refreshing
+ Raspberry omega fatty acids Maintains moisture
+ Raspberry seed oil Powerful anti-free radical properties
+ Raspberry butter Provides comfort and supple softness


+ Sensation of tightness and discomfort
+ Desire for a suppler, more comfortable skin
+ Desire for softer skin
+ When the skin is marked by thin dry lines

CHAMOMILE: Calming cares (10)

The most delicate series suitable for every skin type, which is characterized by redness and high sensitivity. With the products of Dr Renaud, your skin will calm down and will feel wonderfully relaxed, soft and protected for a long period of time.


LIME: Purifying cares (8)

Naturally rich in fruit acids, Lime purify the skin and tightens pores thanks to its astringent vertues.
Thanks to its strong content in Vitamin C, it unifies the complexion for a radiant skin. Shines disappear. The skin is healthy, fresh and matt.
Organic Lime Extract - Purifying, astringent and brightening properties

+ Oily or combination skin
+ Concerns of imperfections or temporary shines
+ Teenagers

IRIS: Anti-ageing cares (6)

A majestic flower with a rare beauty! Iris strengthens the dermis by limiting the degradation of proteins which constitute the skin structure. This flower is also recognized to protect the quality of the junction between the dermis and the epidermis so it decreases wrinkles.

+ Organic Iris Favor the cell renewal
+ Iris Cellular Extract Strengthen the density of the skin
+ Iris Polyphenols Boost to fight wrinkles


+ Search for firmness, tonic effect and vitality
+ To help reduce wrinkles
+ To protect the elasticity of the skin and maintain the brightness of the face


WHITE MULLBERRY: Brightening and spf cares (8)

Native to Southeast Asia, the White Mulberry reduces melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase and consequently reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots. Additionally, its brightening properties mean that it leaves the complexion even and radiant.
Enriched with Sea Daffodil and Vitamin C, which also curb melanin production, these skincare products also lessen the surface area and colour intensity of dark spots.

+ Organic White Mulberry Soothing and brightening properties


+ Wish to brighten the complexion
+ Skin with brown spots and pigmentation problems due to different factors such as UV radiation exposure, hormonal disorders or ageing


CARROT: Radiance cares (7)

Healthy look ingredient, the Carrot is a natural source of beauty. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it contains a precious substance: β-carotene. This vitamin of beauty strengthens the natural defences by neutralizing the free radicals and embellishes the complexion.

+ Organic Carrot Extract Restore vitality and brightness
+ Fresh Carrot Cells Anti-free radical powerful
+ Organic Heliocarrot Bring comfort to the skin


+ Tired, stressed women, who have a dull complexion
+ Especially city-dwellers and smokers
+ To protect their skin against pollution


APRICOT: Perfect complexion (11)

BB cream apricot is your new skin - smooth, matte and protected from the harmful effects of the environment. Formula seven actions in one combines the action of a cream concealer, foundation and sunscreen (spf 6) and is the fastest, easy and effective way to "blinding" of oily skin, pigmentation, scars, pores, blemishes and other imperfections on the face, neck and décolleté.


ACCACIA HONEY: Nourishing cares (4)

АКАЦИЕВ МЕД: Интензивно подхранване

CACTUS: Cosmetics for men (4)

КАКТУС: Грижа за мъжа

PEACH, GRAPEFRUIT & MANGO: Body cares (14)

A body care product range that combines professional results and sensory pleasure. Peach, grapefruit and mango, active ingredients chosen for their efficacy and delicious scent:
– The grapefruit and its slimming, detoxifying and micro-draining properties.
– The peach that stimulates, softens and nourishes the skin for an unparalleled « velvet » touch.
– The mango and its content of polyphenols and β-carotene to maintain youthful skin.

+ Peach Stone Grains And Oil
+ Organic Peach Extract
+ Organic Peach Butter
+ Organic Mango Oily Extract
+ Mango Butter
+ Grapefruit Essential Oil


+ To take care of your body with pleasure and sensoriality
+ Desire to target cellulite or to refine the silhouette


SHOWER GEL: Body cares (3)

Real pleasure for clean, fresh, soft and hydrated skin.

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