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VITALITY'S is highly innovative Italian brand for hair care products.

VITALITY'S philosophy lies in a combination of three principles: perfect coloring, styling and spectacular maximum hair care. The products are a perfect fusion of science with nature and ensure a healthy, beautiful and vibrant hair.

Vitality's is a cosmetic brand of Italian company Farmen, which specializes in the production of professional hair cosmetics. Established in 1964, during the first years the activity is focused mainly in the field of hair sprays. In subsequent years, the field of production constantly expanding through the introduction of new professional hair products. Vitality's brand was born in 1981. The first product is a hair dye with newfound formula based on natural extracts of herbs with anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect. Due to the low ammonia content, colors of pharma do not create problems such as irritation and inflammation, even on sensitive scalps.
All of Vitality's products are guaranteed origin and quality and are produced in a single location. Farmen has a plant in Settimo Torinese, northern Italy. Its production capacity is growing and technologically improved continuously. There are also huge investments to maximize high level of product quality, maximum production efficiency, labor safety and environmental protection. Starting materials and finished products are subject to strict controls. Studied dermatologically both in university clinics and private institutes of higher expert level, and the Laboratory for Analysis and Development at the factory.

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