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Smoothing and energizing cream mimosa

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Recovers, smooths the first wrinkles, energizes, nourishes, hydrates, protects skin cells from the destructive action of free radicals, polluted environment and harmful radiation.

Use: Morning and evening apply on clean skin of the face and neck or on top of the Smoothing and Energizing Serum. Without parabens.

Active Ingredients: extracts of organic mimosa, tamarind and sunflower; POLLUSTOP® (polysaccharide protective film); tannins from the Peruvian bush tara; hyaluronic acid; wax and bark of mimosa; caraway oil (vitamins A, D, E, essential fatty acids). Phyto-oxygen complex stimulates dopamine synthesis in the skin and improves cellular oxygenation for fresh, smooth and radiant skin.

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