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Multi-Performance Body Oil

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Enriched with anti-cellulite, draining, revitalizing and soothing plant extracts, MULTI-PERFORMANCE BODY OIL helps reduce orange peel skin. Its light, penetrating texture allows for a draining massage. Day after day, the tissues are detoxified, unclogged, and orange peel skin is drained. 

Directions for use: Pour the oil into the palm of your hand and heat the formula between the palms. Apply to dry or slightly damp skin. Can also be used as a bath oil or mixed with a body cream.
E271 – 200 ml     


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Active Ingredients:
Sunflower oil: rich in omega 6 and antioxidant vitamin E, strengthens the barrier function and helps preserve skin hydration. Softens and nourishes the skin.
Sea buckthorn seed oil: stimulates skin repair mechanisms.
Cotton seed oil: its high omega-6 content helps rebuild epidermal lipids and reduce water loss. Both regenerating and hydrating.
Blueberry seed oil: rich in omega-3, vitamin E and A, firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical. 
Marula: toning, prevents the formation of orange peel skin by stimulating collagen.
Açai: protects capillaries and eases the drainage. Promotes the elimination of toxins.
Arnica: anti-inflammatory. Stimulates blood circulation.
Horse chestnut: stimulates venous circulation. Excellent draining effect.
Cranberry: antioxidant and revitalizing.
Moringa: detoxifying and facilitates cellular oxygenation.