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Thermoactive Profiling Body Gel

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Triggers a real slimming process: its heating effect activates the microcirculation and promotes elimination. The synergy of 3 molecules, cafestol, kahweol and xanthines, reduces the volume of adipocytes for a reduction in fat mass.

Directions for use: Preferably apply in the evening. Massage into the entire thigh. A rubefacient effect may normally be felt and redness may appear.  Wash hands after use. Apply by insisting on the targeted zones. Leave on or complete the application with the body lipo-sculptor for a slimming massage effect.
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Active ingredients:
Unisllim: Complex of 3 molecules - Cafestol, Kahweol and Xanthines - limits the storage of lipids.
Ivy extract: draining, restructuring.
Methyl Nikotinate: rubefacient substance, vasodilator promoting the diffusion of slimming active ingredients.
Caffeine: promotes fat elimination.
Green tea extract: anti-free radical, lipolytic and draining properties.