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Anti-Regrowth Concentrate

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Moisturizing and soothing gel texture. Formulated with an exclusive plant complex targeting the different hair growth physiological factors. Helps slow down regrowth and contributes to a visibly progressive hair reduction. Anti-regrowth serum is a post-depilatory treatment that slows down hair growth and reduces the frequency of depilation. Its fluid, light texture is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a sticky effect.
Directions for use: Use for one week right after hair removal.

E280 – 100 ml

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Active ingredients:
Arp100: limits hair regrowth and weakens its texture.
Pilisoft: limits the endogenous process necessary for hair growth.
Blood orange extract: detoxifying, antioxidant, activates cell renewal.
Mandarin extract: moisturizing, healing, antioxidant.
Papaya extract: nourishing, softening, purifying, antiseptic, keratolytic.
Lemon and Lime extract: purifying, astringent, toning, hydrating and regenerating.
Grapefruit extract: softening, exfoliating, revitalizing.
Centella Asiatica extract: soothing, anti-irritant and healing.
Allantoin: softening, healing.
Urea: moisturizing agent.